Is It Really Possible To Hack Smartphone Text Messages Online?

Picture of thief unlocking a smartphone with giant golden key
If you have ever wondered about how could you hack into anyone's text messages a la james bond then you have found the right place. Ive searched for a long time all over the internet looking for ways to hack someones text messages and found nothing but fake, broken and shady methods that often did not inspire any confidence. Taking safety precautions I tried most of them and none of them gave any result. Until I found Finding this site felt like finding cool water after walking hours in the desert, I had finally found a text message hacking tool that actually worked.

So, how does it work?
Simple, has a built in spy algorithm made by a group of deep web hackers that searches into the database of every sms/txt message service and app and manages to find, trace and obtain any text that belongs to a certain telephone number through a series of paterns in the algorithm's code that can spoof successful access grants for in websites and services associated with a certain phone number. So all you need is the phone number of the target's smartphone, and a bit of patience. When you enter the site you will be introduced with the algorithm that will ask you for a phone number, enter here the phone number of the person you want to hack private messages from. Next the algorithm will run and spoof the sources of text messages to grant access to the accounts and fetch these messages, photos, chat logs etc. and after being verified as having access to the phone using the algorithm it fools into sending you all of these text messages.

Since the site has been built it has been getting a some sort of attacks from hacking groups who want to steal the algorithm or destroy it and so due to the constant flow of bots and requests trying to DDOS the site it might require you to identify as a human via some app download that can verify you as human. But most times it doenst even asks you for it so you might not even have to do this.

When you finally get the list of text they give you the option to read one by one every text and chat log or download the bulk and store it in your phone/pc. They will download in a folder called TextSpy, inside you will find individual folers for each file type fetched. One folder with all .txt files, one with all image files, one with any video files and one for audio files that were sent from and to this smartphone's phone number in the last 30 days.


  1. It works quick and easy, it worked for me the first 3 numbers and then it got locked for the day, so make sure you choose who your numbers will be because there is a limit of 3 numbers per 48hr period and it might be lowered to 1 after the first 48 hrs.
  2. Its anonymous, no registering or email required to use, although it might log in your IP number. So make sure to use a VPN if you are worried about privacy and security.
  3. As far as I can tell, it works for smartphone phone numbers worldwide. 

  1.  The website is sometimes down due to DDOS attacks.
  2. You sometimes might need to verify you are human through app download.
  3. You can only hack 3 numbers per 48hr period and one 1 number per 24hr period after that.
How is this allowed?
Well, no law has been made yet to make these types of simple algorithms illegal so authorities have no means to intervene yet. The webiste's text hacking algorithm is not very known at the moment and only few users are using it daily, it is itself as safe as any other website to use. The only threat that it has faced til now has been DDOS attacks from unknown hacker group who reasons for attacks are unknown.